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The start of Ekhlas goes back to 1933 when it was an average carpentry shop at the time in the Qaysary Bazaar in Erbil, owned by Haji Kareem Sandooqchy, father of Ihsan Kareem Najjar. It was one of the well-known shops of the Qaysary in the field of carpentry and making of cases and hand-crafting products that were used in agricultural construction, and it served the population of Erbil and the surroundings very well in its time. In 1968 Haji Kareem Najjar continued his work in the Qaysary with the help of his father combined with his own expertise. Later, in 1970, he opens an independent shop in the district of Tayrawa with the name of Ekhlas. To expand his work, he would import wood from outside Erbil and after some operations on the wood he would create furniture items from them.

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Ekhlas company is ready to prepare all home and office furniture with the best quality .our works are relaying on (100) professional worker in the field of (design engineering, economic and arrangement manager and information system) by separating between three big branch

- 100 special and professional employer for this work.
- Products that we are using they are international goods.
- Delivery on time.
- Ekhlas Company has a capacity to work and sell according to peoples tendency and wishes and we can manage your tenders and bring goods from outside in Kurdistan in time .with a good price by a professional staff.
- We are working with famous Turkish companies and they are well known companies. With the best quality for the most bedrooms and sofa sets it made bringing easy to people and offices .we have to type of models (classic and modern).

Ekhlas Group

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Ekhlas Group

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One might infer already that if the ether were structureless, physical laws operative upon such material substances as atoms could not be applicable to it, and so indeed all the evidence we have shows that gravitation is not one of its properties.